Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dr. Oz Demonstrates How Chiropractic Can Be an Alternative Remedy for Pain

If you don’t believe in taking pain killers, an alternative way of warding away those debilitating aches and pains has just been illustrated by one of the most trusted names in health - Dr. Oz.

In his show, Dr. Oz illustrated how misalignment of the spine results to pain. He said that like 80% of the population, most of us suffer back problems. Most of us also turn to painkillers to ease our discomfort. According to Dr. Oz, medication only serves to mask the pain but does not treat the underlying cause of pain. If the source of your back pain is a misaligned spine, postural alignment may be the necessary to solve your back pains.

According to the article, How to Align Your Spine, postural alignment can be attained in different ways. It can be through yoga, massage therapy, or chiropractic. It was chiropractic that Dr. Oz demonstrated in his show. He illustrated an exercise meant to help in re-aligning the spine and the person who did the exercise said she immediately felt better.

From that segment in “The Dr. Oz Show,” those who are quite in the dark about chiropractic and its benefits are informed how an alternative remedy to back problems can be very beneficial. With no less than Dr. Oz explaining about chiropractic, this drug-free remedy to back problems can be more appreciated.

There are also other forms of postural alignment as mentioned above. It is best to try them with the help of a skilled professional. The Gateway Rehab and Wellness Center offers chiropractic services in Orange County. If you have not tried an alternative to painkillers in solving your back problems, it’s time to try it now. For more information about chiropractic and alternative remedies for your back pain, Contact us at:

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