Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look Leaner for Summer With Just a Few Newport Beach Pilates Workouts

According to Howard Sichel, a chiropractor and president and co-owner of Power Pilates in New York City, Pilates does more than just tone and firm your core. By initiating all movements from your center, you'll improve your posture and look leaner in just a few workouts, he says.

Newport Beach Pilates is a full-body system of specific exercises that focus on the core postural muscles (abdomen and back) and help keep the body balance.  Newport Beach Pilates, a form of exercise that branched off of yoga in the early 1900's,  builds strength in your core and can help you to look great for summer!

Because of the positive effect Newport Beach Pilates can have on your spinal column, many chiropractors have begun offering classes out of their offices.  Since Newport Beach Pilates does not require heavy equipment, this trend has been catching on like wildfire!   All you need is a bottle of water, some comfy clothing, a simple yoga mat, and of course your Newport Beach Pilates class!

We all know how important it is to look our best on the beach, so book your Newport Beach Pilates class now and start stretching your way to a sexy, strong stomach and core!  

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